Getting Married at a BYOB Venue?


First of all congrats! You are visiting this post because you are most likely engaged and are down the rabbit hole of wedding planning, or helping a bride and groom plan their big day. Wedding planning can be extremely time consuming and a bit stressful, but hopefully this post helps make it a bit easier, especially is your chosen wedding venue is BYOB!

A BYOB wedding venue is a great way to save money, but can quickly get expensive if you are not aware of a couple tricks and tips. While rules vary at each location and state (this is specifically for California) it is good to be aware of the following information so you are not caught with a unexpected charge or budget buster.

Here are the top five things to know if you have booked a BYOB Wedding Venue:

1. Your bartenders must have liquor liability insurance (this protects you!)

Most professional wedding venues require you to hire bartenders that have liquor liability insurance, so if you were planning on hiring friends to save money, this may not be possible. It is in your best interest to hire professional wedding bartenders as it takes liability off of the bride and groom if something were to happen… trust us its worth it!

2. There is usually a fee to have kegs delivered

If you are planning on having beer kegs at your wedding to hook up to a mobile bar or tap system, you will have to pay a fee to have the kegs delivered from most stores, even with a minimum order amount. It usually starts at around $50.00. Make sure you add this to your budget.

3. You may not really need a full open bar

We have quite a few guests who request full open bar, but in reality you don’t need 6 different types of alcohol to keep your wedding guests happy. Tequila, vodka, and whiskey can make most of the most popular drinks your guests will want.. think vodka tonic, margaritas, old fashioned, or cosmo. No need to have rum when only a couple people will actually ask for it, and they probably would have a back up choice with one of the three. Most guests are just very happy to have a open bar.

4. Champagne has taken a back seat

We were surprised to see that this year, champagne was the least requested drink, and the most wasted. Signature drinks are a big hit, but champagne just isn’t getting drank like it used to… so keep that in mind when ordering your alcohol. You even may want to reconsider that champagne toast, most people are happy to hold up the drink they have on hand.

5. Cup size is important. 

When you have a open bar people tend to do the following: put down a drink and take a photo, or go dance, or chat with friends… then forget which drink is theirs or where they put it…. and then they just go back to the bar and get another. It will save you alcohol and mixers if you buy cups on the smaller size, because large or small, there will be half drank cocktails sitting on tables.

About Typsy Gypsy Mobile Bar: We are professional event bartenders wandering around Southern California, perfect for your upcoming wedding or event! Using fresh ingredients and handcrafted syrups, we mix signature cocktails from a variety of our mobile bars.