Spring Collection Sampler Pack*


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Try our limited Spring Cocktail Collection! Each sampler pack comes with a “Strawberry Fields” Cocktail Kit, “Peach Honey Iced Tea” Cocktail Kit, “Strawberry Cucumber Basil ” Cocktail Kit, and a “Kentucky Nights” Cocktail Kit (4 total). Enjoy a craft cocktail from home or give the gift of a seasonal sampler pack this spring.

Drink them by the fire, on the couch, or a fun way to serve at a virtual party! Lightweight and great for camping, hiking, or on a ski break. Have a delicious craft cocktail anywhere…. just add alcohol and water.

Recommended Alcohol Pairings:
Strawberry Fields (Strawberry Coconut) Vodka
Peach Honey Iced Tea (Peach, Honey, Black Tea) Whiskey
Strawberry Sparkler (Strawberry, Cucumber, Basil) Sparkling Wine
Kentucky Nights (Black Cherry, Lime, Orange) Bourbon

*****Does not include alcohol. Plastic mason jar is 100% recyclable and made from repurposed water bottles.