Welcome to Typsy Gypsy’s Signature Cocktail and Wine Service


We specialize in perfecting a custom craft cocktail for your big day! Using fresh ingredients, custom simple syrups, and personalized menu recommendations, we have you completely covered.

Wino? No problem, we can help with wine and food pairing recommendations, sourcing, and overall wine knowledge!

Want to have some craft beer available? We have two standard taps available to hook up to your desired kegs, with a option for a third pony keg!


Signature Cocktail Examples Include……

Honey Lavender Lemonade 

  • Honey Lavender Simple Syrup
  • Organic Lemonade
  • Lemon Soda Water
  • Vodka
  • Dehydrated Lemon
  • Sugar Rim

 Summer Rosemary Spritzer  

  • Blueberry Puree
  • Vodka
  • Lemon Simple Syrup
  • Soda Water
  • Rosemary Garnish

Spicy Jalapeno Sunrise Margarita

  • Jalapeno Simple Syrup
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Tequila
  • Lime Soda Water
  • Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice
  • Triple Sec
  • Dried Blood Orange Garnish

Smokey Hibiscus Margarita

  • Mezcal
  • Grand Marnier
  • Fresh Lime  Juice
  • Hibiscus Simple Syrup
  • Lime Soda Water
  • Dehydrated Lime Garnish

Mexican Mule 

  • Tequilla
  • Triple Sec
  • Sweet and Sour
  • Ginger Beer
  • Dehydrated Lime Wedge

Honey Raspberry Bourbon Smash 

  • Raspberry Honey Simple Syrup
  • Bourbon
  • Lemon Soda Water
  • Raspberry Puree

Rosemary Cinnamon Old Fashioned 

  • Bourbon
  • Cinnamon Simple Syrup
  • Angostura Bitters
  • Orange Peel
  • Fresh Rosemary Garnish

Irish Mule 

  • Irish Whiskey
  • Mint Simple Syrup
  • Lime Juice
  • Ginger Beer
  • Mint and Lime Garnish


Rosemary Pear Sparkler 

  • Pureed Pear
  • Rosemary Simple Syrup
  • Prosecco
  • Rosemary Sprig


Elderflower Champagne Punch

  • St Germain Elderflower Liquer
  • Champagne
  • Lemon Simple Syrup